Thursday, October 1, 2009

St. Francis

Many are familiar with St. Francis and his love of animals, celebrated each October by churches all around the world with the blessing of pets and creatures of all kinds. TROUBADOUR deals not only with that Francis, but with the dynamic, world-changing Francis who gave up his privileged existence and warrior ambitions to become a poverty-loving troubadour of the Lord. Set in the 13th Century against an exciting panorama that takes in Rome, Assisi, and the Holy Land crusades, Troubadour centers on the dynamic drama of a man struggling to maintain his unique vision against high-pressure opposition. Recent years have witnessed a remarkable increase of interest in the life and work of Francis and his oneness with the created order. His story is a truly timeless one--that of an individual whose love and commitment to the poor and less fortunate is legendary and is an inspiration to all of us who struggle to understand what it means to love and care for our neighbor.

TROUBADOUR features music by Bert Draesel (Max and the Truffle Pig, Everyman and Bouncing Back) and lyrics by John Martin (Joyful Noises, A Chosen Vessel, Macdeath) and a book co-authored by Martin and Draesel. John Margulis is the director and Nat Habib is the producer. The show's cast includes: Aaron Davis; Robert A. Felbinger; Charles Karel; Rob Maitner; Mary Catherine McDonald; Samuel Perwin; John Weigand; and Alex Yacovelli.

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